Athena School of Karate

Special Events: Trauma Informed Foundations with Pamela Armitage


When you teach a seminar, particularly in self defence, there is an extremely high chance that students in the room have experienced trauma. Some may tell you; most will not.

In this short overview, Pam will guide you towards simple considerations which can make a huge difference for your class participants. Learn the various considerations and methods to take, how to create environments of safety, empowerment and collaboration, how to avoid triggering or retraumatizing students, as well as the various signs, coping mechanisms that may manifest in classes and how to handle them in a sensitive and professional manner. Highly recommended for self defense, martial arts and yoga teachers or soon to be teachers in a range of physical arts.

Pam is the Chief Impact Officer at Studium Violentiae, certified by both Richard Dimitri’s Self Defense Services and Safe International. See Study of Violence for tons of free resources and information.

She is also an RYT200 Certified Yoga Teacher with a particular focus on Trauma Sensitive Yoga, continuing her research and development into trauma and its effects. Since 2015 she works with sufferers of trauma: PTSD, victims of sexual assault, and addicts.

To book please email Tickets are £15 and can be paid by Paypal or by bank transfer – instructions will follow when you book in. See you there!