Athena School of Karate

Costs and Conditions

All students are eligible for two free introductory sessions – this helps ensure that our school is a good fit for your family. The joining fee is £99 which covers the uniform, all the kit needed to get started, and up to two weeks of training while your direct debit is set up. Payments are divided into 12 equal monthly instalments as follows:

£55 per student per month (Abingdon) (Bank holiday closures apply)

£60 per student per month (Botley)

£67 per student per month (Summertown)

Adult programme – £35 per month for once weekly or £45 per month for full membership.

Prices vary per venue due to both demand and overhead costs. I also offer a 10% discount for sibling places.

If you decide to join then you will be sent a link to complete which registers you on our membership base and sets up the payments which can be cancelled at any stage – no notice or minimum time period are required.

Annual licence with the British Combat Karate Association is £15.  We provide a minimum of 41 training weeks per year – normally closing for 2 weeks at Christmas and Easter and for the month of August. The remaining time is reserved for when I am working in India – normally twice a year – as I project manage karate and self-protection training there for (an NGO which uses martial arts to empower vulnerable girls).

Students all train twice weekly at the same venue – this helps to ensure consistency and progress. We mix traditional karate with personal safety and self-development – helping each student develop confidence and control; compassion and courage. In non-pandemic times we encourage parents to watch classes to understand and support the learning which we believe helps to ensure that what we do in class has a positive effect for each student in their school and home life as well.

Grading ranges in cost: £25 for beginner belts; £35 for intermediate belts and £45 for advanced kyu grades.

I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have about our classes and the benefits of martial arts training for all. I also like to know as much as possible about new students, so in booking your introductory session I would be grateful if you could confirm the student’s preferred name; a brief description of their interests and hobbies; what you hope they will gain from karate training and anything else you think it would help to know about them before they come to class.

Most classes run with a waiting list, and we only run booked and confirmed trial sessions – no drop-ins.

Please email me if you would like to ask about availability or arrange a free trial.

Mary Stevens
Member of the National Federation for Personal Safety.
Karate 3rd dan (BCKA)