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About Athena School of Karate

We are based in Oxfordshire, UK, and we offer karate classes from 4 years upwards in our after-school programme. We also offer adult classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings in Botley. Our club is inclusive and friendly: we’re passionate about what we do and keen to meet the needs of our students regardless of their levels of knowledge or fitness.

WhaT WE DO...

Our grading syllabus is traditional (Wado Ryu) karate. Additionally, we teach self-protection in an age-appropriate way for all students: this might be conflict resolution for 5 year olds or safety on a night out for our university-aged students. It might be First Aid, or it might be first strikes…our goal is to ensure students have the legal information, the experience, and the skills to manage their lives in an informed and safe way.

We currently have spaces for beginners; trial classes (must be booked) are free of charge.

 You are welcome to email me with any enquiries:



JamieClubb Chimera Martial Arts
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The Athena School of Karate is a world-class martial arts and self-protection club. Mary Stevens runs programmes rooted in practical traditional martial arts with a modern perspective on martial arts cross-training and self-protection principles. She provides elements of professionalism few other martial arts teachers can provide. It has been my privilege to work beside on certain projects and I have seen first hand how her school has gone from strength to strength.
TraceyKuroten Karate
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Mary is a fantastic teacher, she is very knowledgeable in both karate and self protection and has many years of experience. Able to adapt to meets the needs of individual students Mary has taken many students from white through to black belt; teaching a vast range of skills and also ensuring that her classes are fun so students always want to come back for more! If you are lucky enough to live close enough to train at Athena, I would definitely recommend giving it a go, you won't be disappointed!
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Such a special karate school. We were so lucky to find Sensei Mary who’s one of those people that really make the world a better place. A true educator. This is a space where your child will really feel special and work at their own pace, and get a sense of achievement.
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Both of my children have been attending this school since they were very young, and I cannot speak highly enough of the chief instructor or her effect on her pupils. Athena Karate has given them confidence, drive, and a sense of achievement, whilst challenging them physically and psychologically. Get your children involved, it's more than worth it.
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Our children have been training here for nearly ten years and they’ve loved it. We sent our oldest child initially to help with his confidence and having grown up around martial arts, it’s a great way for children to be active who might not enjoy traditional team sports like other children. What’s special about this school is the sense of community amongst the staff and children. New comers quickly assimilate into the group, even children who might be struggling to otherwise assimilate. Children feel like they are achieving a lot as they see their progress rewarded. Everyone wants to be a black belt! And the martial arts practice is combined with play at the beginner levels too. I’d throughly recommend it.
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Sensei Mary runs a fantastic, friendly, fun, and inclusive karate school which is welcoming to those of all ages and backgrounds, whether beginning from scratch or joining from different styles. She is highly knowledgeable about the technical skills of karate, the softer skills of self-protection, and the harder side of self defence, which are all taught in sensible, pragmatic, age-appropriate ways. Sensei Mary’s pedagogical background means she has a thoughtful, structured way of teaching which I find distinctive and have very much welcomed. I find all her students positive, confident, capable and self-assured and would highly recommend Athena School of Karate to anyone looking to take up practical karate.